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Nichole Walton
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Customer service was awesome and helped to quickly support me when I needed to upgrade to a larger crate. Not your average dog crate. Very pleased. And the pup loves it.

Don Lee
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Resolved my issue so quickly with excellent US-based customer service. This level of support is hard to find these days. Support is top notch!

George B.
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INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE turned my initial issue into a very positive experience! The company really jumped into action to resolve my issue. I am really impressed by the care and concern shown by Spencer. The replacement product that was sent is top-notch. Product pride like this is rare! Thank you to DogGoods Do Good!

Patrick G.
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They are one of the most responsive and helpful companies I have worked with. Nothing but great things to say.

Mary S.
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Delivery was very fast. Good communication: they let me know as soon as it shipped and sent another email to find out whether I was completely satisfied

Richard A.
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The product got here quick and when it said it would. The product works great and the seller even reached out after to make sure that I was happy with everything.

Katy B.
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Thank you for your assistance and rapid response. Customer service was very helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you, Spencer!

Ben F.
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Very easy ordering. It was in stock and arrived earlier than promised. We received a follow up email to make sure we were satisfied. All around a great experience and 100% satisfied with the product.

How To Know It’s Time To Get a New Dog Bed

Posted by Glady Gines on

How To Know It’s Time To Get a New Dog Bed

Every dog deserves a nice bed to sleep in, and it doesn’t have to be yours. Although you may feel obligated to let your pup sleep in your bed, you certainly don’t have to if you know they have a quality spot of their own. That said, dog beds don’t last forever, and you’ll have to replace them occasionally. Don’t let your four-legged friend lounge on an unsuitable bed; follow along to learn how to know it’s time to get a new dog bed.

It’s Worn Out

Even if you invest in high-quality dog beds, they’ll still wear out over time. Whether the bed is flat or has stuffing coming out of it, it may be time for a new one. Your dog probably uses their bed throughout the day or at least for most of the night, so it may not take long for natural wear and tear to take its course on your furry friend’s bed.

Your Pup Outgrows Their Bed

There’s nothing better than getting a new puppy, but that does mean you may have to buy new stuff to keep up with their needs as they grow. For instance, your dog could outgrow things like their collar, kennel, bowls, and bed, and you should replace them as necessary. Sometimes, it’s hard to know when a pup will stop growing, which can lead to difficult decisions when it comes to their bed and other necessities.

Pro Tip

Buy a high-quality bed based on the potential full-grown size for their breed to minimize the possibility of outgrowing their bed.

The Bed Is Smelly

It’s no secret that dogs can be smelly creatures, and their beds tend to smell like them after a while. Although you can wash many beds, not all of them are safe for the washing machine. Using dog-safe air freshener sprays is a great option to reduce the odor, but that may not work forever. If your dog’s bed is smelling up an entire room—or even your whole house—it’s definitely time to consider a new one. While your four-legged friend may love their current bed, smelly ones tend to harbor bacteria that can make them sick.

Your Dog Chewed It Up

Destructive dogs require their owners to replace things frequently, and their beds are probably no exception. It can sometimes be discouraging to have to replace or repair everything that your dog chews up, but it’s for their own safety. Swallowing pieces of the bed or stuffing can cause illness or digestion issues for your pup, some of which warrant an emergency trip to the vet. Although you may not want to spend the money on a new bed, buying a new one is much cheaper than taking your dog to the vet for an emergency visit.

You Move to a New Climate

Moving to a new climate requires adjustments for the whole family, including your dog. Suppose you used to live in a cold area—your pup most likely has a thick, warm bed. However, if you are now in a warmer climate, they will need a lighter, cooler option. On the other hand, switching from a warm to a cold climate requires swapping their light bed for a warmer one.

Your Pup Has Frequent Accidents

Puppies are prone to accidents. Although they’ll learn control with more training and growth, their beds may take some hits in the meantime. That said, you should consider getting your dog a waterproof bed to ensure their accidents don’t damage the material. If your dog has frequent accidents, you may find yourself buying a new bed every few weeks unless you choose an easy-to-clean waterproof option.

They Need More Support

As your dog gets older, they may need more support from their bed. You could buy any available inexpensive option, but it might not offer enough padding for a senior dog’s joints. Dysplasia is very common in older dogs, so having a bed with foam for extra support is an excellent way to reduce their chances of developing this condition. If your furry friend is getting up there in age, consider buying them a waterproof orthopedic bed to support their body and protect against potential accidents.

Your Dog Has Ticks, Fleas, or Worms

One of the most important reasons to replace your dog’s bed with a new one is if they have ticks, fleas, or worms. Unfortunately, these insects and parasites can infest their bed. Even if you treat your dog for these conditions, you should get them a new bed just to be safe; otherwise, your pup could become reinfected.

What To Do With Old Beds

Although there are some instances where you shouldn’t do anything with the bed but throw it away, you don’t have to toss out a perfectly good dog bed. Consider these options when replacing your pup’s cozy spot.

Give It to a Friend

If you have a friend preparing for a new puppy, consider giving them the small bed from your pup. If size is the only reason you’re replacing it, another puppy will benefit from a smaller bed to sleep in as they grow.

Donate to a Local Shelter

If you don’t have a friend to give the bed to, you may be able to donate it to a local shelter. Most shelters always need more supplies, and that includes beds. If your pup’s old bed isn’t damaged, smelly, or infested with bugs, consider giving it to the shelter to help other dogs in need.

Recycle It

Interestingly, most dog beds contain recyclable materials, meaning you can take them to recycling centers. Plastic and polyester are two examples of recyclable materials used for dog beds. If you’re unsure whether you can recycle a bed, take it to the center anyway—they can dispose of it however necessary.

After learning how to know it’s time to get a new dog bed, you can make the best decision when it comes to replacing your dog bed for car travel. Your four-legged friend deserves a cozy, comfortable place to sleep, and their bed may need an upgrade depending on the circumstances.

How To Know It’s Time To Get a New Dog Bed