Water Bottle For The Foldable Travel Dog Crate By DogGoods ®


Water Bottle For The Foldable Travel Dog Crate By DogGoods ®

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This Special Water Bottle is made for The Foldable Travel Dog Crate By DogGoods ®.

This water bottle feeder is specially designed to fit into the back pocket of our best-selling crate, so your pup can always stay hydrated while inside his cozy new home.

Directions For Use (With The DogGoods ® Foldable Travel Kennel + Crate): Unscrew the cap and remove the spring from bottle. Fill with drinking liquid and screw on cap tightly. Place the bottle upside-down into the small cylindrical back pocket of the crate, while inserting the metal nozzle into the metal ring inside towards the bottom of the pocket. Make sure that the nozzle is inserted as far inside as possible, making sure that your pet can drink from the nozzle from inside of the crate. To secure the bottle in place, slip the garter located inside the cylindrical pocket and sewn onto the back of the crate and wrap around the bottle. Use your finger to activate the ball bearing in tube to ensure that water is flowing correctly.

For standard metal crates: Mount the bottle to cage using the spring. Wrap the spring around the bottle and clip on the spring ends on to the metal cage.