Small Dog Carrier Tote Bag & Dog Car Bed for Car Center Console by DogGoods ®


Small Dog Carrier Tote Bag & Dog Car Bed for Car Center Console by DogGoods ®

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Center Console Dog Seat
And Small Dog Carrier Tote Bag

Take your small dog everywhere with you, whether you’re driving, shopping, hanging out with friends, running errands, or just having fun, with the DogGoods ® Small Dog Carrier Tote Bag and Center Console Dog Seat. Use it as a car bed and a tote bag for dogs.
This is the most beautiful, luxurious center console dog bed and dog tote for small dogs on the market today. Ride with your furbaby by your side in the Snoozer High-Back Console Pet Car Seat! This protective pet seat securely attaches to your vehicle’s front console using elastic mounting straps.


GIVE YOUR SMALL DOG THE BEST SEAT IN THE CAR: Your pup can ride alongside you in this console dog car seat! Our dog booster car seat lets your puppy look out the windows for a more enjoyable and safer ride. Our middle console dog seat gives your dog a safe and secure spot to sit right by your armrest in the middle console, secures firmly by velcro to the lid of the center armrest lid or center console, and includes a dog seat belt that can be securely attached to a dog harness or dog collar.

TRAVEL SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH A CALMER, COMFORTABLE, HAPPIER DOG. PROVIDE A SAFE AND DELIGHTFUL WAY TO RIDE UP FRONT. This front seat dog carrier gives your puppy a soothing front-row view right next to your armrest! Designed for pets up to 15 pounds, this small dog console car seat is especially great for dogs who get carsick or anxious in the car. Seeing outside can help reduce anxiety and reduce queasiness. It comes with a built-in car seat strap and keeps its shape as a supportive dog car bed or dog car seat for small dogs.

THE MOST VERSATILE DOG TRAVEL ACCESSORY: Use it as a center console dog bed, a dog booster seat, and a tote bag for dogs! Made with a combination of firm foam and soft bed cushion, this front seat dog carrier is sure to be a new favorite of both dog owner and pup. It is so versatile, it can also be a cat car seat and a dog shoulder bag for use in public transportation, light rail transit, subways, and trains.

THE RIGHT FIT. Front seat armrest console size varies by vehicle, we recommend you measure your car’s console and compare it to the Console dog car seat’s exterior dimensions, and compare your dog’s measurements to find the right fit. Product Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 10 inches (L x W x H) or 43 x 35 x 24 cm.

MACHINE WASHABLE. The soft microsuede teflon fabric cover of this small dog console car seat is washable and is a breeze to keep clean. Simply machine wash cold and dry on low. Your traveling dog will love having their own safe, secure spot in the car where they can snooze, and you will love how long it lasts.

Our center console dog seats are made of luxurious waterproof teflon fabric. They scream luxury and style and are designed with the modern, chic dog owner and dog lover in mind. They’re fully washable, durable, and made of the finest materials. DogGoods makes fashionable, long-lasting dog beds, car seats, carriers and other pet products you’ll love almost as much as your pet. The ride is firm, yet comfortable thanks to its sturdy foam form construction, making this one of the best dog car seats for small dogs. It has a built-in dog seat belt harness attachment that clips on to any dog collar, dog harness, or dog travel carrier. Our most durable and fashionable microsuede yet, this 3-in-1 dog travel carrier will be your most versatile small dog accessory. With this middle console dog seat, you free up a spot in the car for more passengers so you never have to leave your dog at home.

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I recommend this product

Priceless. Very happy!

The design, color and fabric are all excellent, but the BEST thing about this tote bag is having Bella sit right next to me, snuggled up next to my arm while I drive. This is PRICELESS!

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Lisa V.
I recommend this product

My Chihuahua Loves It!

My Chihuahua loves it! He was really happy to be riding right next to me and getting a great view out the window! At one point he put his head on the edge and just leaned on my shoulder. That kid! lol The pillow inside is pretty comfy, puffy & soft. Keeps him high, so he has a good view. The quality looks good, well put together. It's like a bag, within a bag. The outer bag has a snap on each side, so you can snap the inside bag to it, so it doesn't move or slide around. The outer bag also has two well stitched, adjustable straps that can be made long enough to put over your shoulder if you'd like. Kind of like a tote. If you're going to use it in your car, you have to remove the outer bag. The inner bag, also contains snaps, to keep the front of the bag up and in place. You can unsnap the front and pull it down, but I leave it up so my dog doesn't try to step out of the bag while I'm driving. There's also an adjustable tether inside the inner bag that you can attach to the dog's collar or harness to keep him from jumping out (I'd say preferably a harness). Now here comes the safety concern, the inner bag has a strap with a velcro close, that goes under the console lid, to hold the bag in place. In the pix, you can see how it's attached to the bottom of the bag and that it's not a huge patch of velcro holding it closed. Depending on your console, there may be a small gap right under the lid, that lets the strap slide back and forth on both sides of the lid, which mine does. That allows the bag to slide around a bit, so the concern is if you have to stop suddenly, the inertia from the weight of your dog, may push the bag forward. To try and lessen that danger, instead of just letting the strap sit right under the console lid, I actually moved it all the way to the back of the console and fastened it to the back hinge. If you look at the pix, you can see the strap going around the hinge and running over the console from the back, which dramatically shortens the length the bag can move in case of a sudden stop. That, along with adjusting the tether in the bag that attaches to your dog's harness (slightly towards the back of the bag as well) to a shorter length, may help to keep your dog from flying out of the bag in case of a sudden stop, even with inertia. If your dog only weighs 5 - 8 pounds (mine weighs about 4.5 lbs), it would be kind of tough for your pet to push the bag far enough forward, to reach the dash area. I tried pushing it, and it took some effort to get it to move forward. The bag did not move as I drove around with my dog. In my opinion, the only thing that could really make this bag unsafe, is if the straps/tethers failed, but you run that risk with any tether/strap anyway. The sides of the inside bag are nice and cushioned. Kind of like that padding around a laptop bag, but a bit thicker. If you're walking with the bag and your dog moves around a bit, all they'll bump into is the soft side cushioning. I noticed someone said there's no way to clean the that inner bag, but actually, there is. I missed it at first, but if you look at the front and bottom of the inner bag, you'll see a zipper that goes all the way around the bottom. If you unzip the entire thing, the inner bag breaks down into two parts that can easily be thrown in the washer. The little inside pillow is small enough that you can also throw it in the washer as well. Pros: - Construction looks sturdy, well made, quality material - Comfy pillow inside - Console strap - Inside bag tether for dog's harness - Convenient, adjustable straps on outside carrying bag - Inner bag breaks down for easy cleaning/washing Cons: - The strap that fastens to the console, could've just been on the outside bag - all in one bag, instead of two (you can say you get an extra bag, I guess) - Wish the velcro closure was just a little bit of a bigger area, instead of a small square. Although it looks like it holds well. Hope this helps.

Allen K.
I recommend this product

Great quality, room for improvement

For reference my (pictured) Morkie is 7lbs and around 12 inches long. The day this seat arrived she immediately took ownership of it and had no issues jumping in in when I put it on a chair in our home. The Good: -This is not just a console car seat but comes with a carrier (thin fabric fitted case) that has leather straps that feel really nice. -The carrier also has a solid bottom so the bottom of the seat does not cave in when you are carrying your pup. It also has snaps to connect to the seat so it does not slide off when you set it down. -The seat is equipped with a tether latch to attach to your dogs harness in case of a sudden stop. -The seat is very soft an dogs under 10 lbs should like it. -The walls on the seat are foam wrapped in fabric and seem to be pretty sturdy. Our dog did not cave them in when resting on them. -A zipper separates the bottom base from the sides so you can take this apart to clean fairly easily in 3 pieces. **Note the walls cannot be taken out of the fabric and will have to be washed with foam inside the fabric. If you have a very dirty active dog this may not be a good choice for you. -There is a front flap that can be unsnapped and flipped down for smaller dogs to be able to see forward. This is also the snaps used for the carrier mentioned above. The Bad: -**Important**This is not a very safe device to secure your pet as a car seat. The console strap (pictured) is elastic, very thin and held with velcro, It is not adjustable and cannot be used to secure the dog seat in place tightly. When placing in our vehicle it is a little secure but I can move the seat with little force. I imagine a hard breaking with our dog could push the seat forward without much effort. -The carrier bag has to be removed to use as a car seat because the console safety strap is on the seat part and not the carrier. You will have an extra item to have in your vehicle if using both. Although it disassembles quickly its something to take into consideration. Conclusion If you are using this seat to secure an animal on your console securely as a car seat this should be a hard pass for you. If you are going for a slow casual ride it will probably work but it is not intended for any amount of safety for your pet. It is more of a comfort booster seat for your pet to chill. This will hold your pet in the seat with the tether so it will keep them from distracting you by jumping out of the seat or carrier in your lap or moving around in the car. Overall quality is very good excluding the seats securing strap. You get an extra little carrying bag which is very nice but you cannot use the carrier when securing to a middle console so you will have an extra item. It seems pretty resistant to dirt and easy to clean but the foam is not removable so it will have to be washed as a whole. Although I received this seat for free as a vine review I would say the price may be a bit high and should be around the 70-80$ range. Other seats with similar builds are around 40$ and this comes with a little extra. If you made it this far thank you for reading my review. I hope it helped.

DogGoods Do Good ® Small Dog Carrier Tote Bag & Dog Car Bed for Car Center Console by DogGoods ® ReviewDogGoods Do Good ® Small Dog Carrier Tote Bag & Dog Car Bed for Car Center Console by DogGoods ® Review
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Good for Traveling

It is a good product to carry my little pup in. She loves riding in it and is very comfortable for her. I like the detachable bag, it is good quality

I recommend this product

DogGoods Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs Dog Booster Seat

This booster seat is very well made and provides a nice option when driving with your pooch. I had to fiddle around a bit to secure it to the vehicle, but once installed it worked well. My dog liked it and seemed quite comfortable inside. She seems happier being closer to e while driving instead of being in the passenger seat. It also frees up the passenger seat when transporting a 2nd human. Well worth the money.